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010 [Aug. 12th, 2013|05:56 pm]
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[Accidental video]
[It's late into the night, or possibly just early into the morning. In either case, Sakura is awake and the journal is recording without his notice. He's pacing a room, not quite fidgeting but looking ill at ease, and if he seems a little worse-for-wear, it's not totally unexpected, given everything that happened recently.]

[It's clear that he's exhausted. There are heavy bags under his eyes, as if he's been fighting sleep for over two weeks. He rubs at one eye absently, and sighs, his shoulders slumping. He used to be able to go much longer without sleep -- but after a year of regular nights of sleep, he'd grown used to it again.]

[He looks up from his work, and it's clear that there's a scattering of hobbies around him. At the moment, he was concentrating on folding origami, and the table he sits up is filled with stray cranes, rabbits, and other random animals. But his mind isn't in it and he pushes the paper away. He rubs at his face again and stands up, pacing around, picking up a pair of scissors and staring at a bonsai that's been clipped within an inch of his life, and sets the scissors back down with a sigh. He picks up at a cookbook, shakes his head and replaces it. He wanders around some more, clearly just bored and wishing he could sleep.]

[He sits down with a heavy sigh.]

Damn it.

[And he picks up some fabric, unclear what it is he's sewing, but he stares down at the fabric for a long moment before he closes his eyes, shakes his head, and sets that aside, too.]

[The camera times out for a long while, but when it picks back up again - a few hours later, the sun already rising, Sakura's no longer in his room, but rather at the hospital. The reason becomes clear, for those who didn't already know, as he comes upon the egg that holds Tachibana, sleeping seemingly peacefully. Sakura watches him for a moment, looking even more exhausted now that the day's started, hands in his pockets and slumping into himself.]

... Just wake up already. [He's tired of worrying so much.]
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