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008 [Apr. 24th, 2013|09:55 pm]
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[Accidental video]
[As usual, Sakura's woken up early to make breakfast, as is usual, letting Tachibana sleep for a little while longer. (And also gives him time to make his grumpy bf some tea.) This particular morning, though, shows Sakura sitting down at the table, setting out the last few bits of breakfast. It's a simple, small setting, ultimately.]

[He sighs out, looking at two empty spots that don't have any plates or bowls set out in front of them. He smiles a little.]

It's really not the same when it's just the two of us. [With Hana gone and Chika-chan sleeping, it makes mornings a little lonely, since it was always something the four of them did together here.]

I probably made too much again. [He's so used to making larger portion sizes, especially with noodle dishes...]

[...] [He hums out a bit and looks over towards the bed, where mister grumps is still sleeping. His smile is a touch softer and he leans back in his seat, holding out his hand. For a brief moment, there's a pulse of power that sparks to life in his hand before it quickly winks out again. He looks disappointed.]

It really is... [Weaker. He'd begun to hope that maybe the power would regenerate itself. But he hasn't been doing anything with his magic. And he's been forbidden by Tachibana to seek it out. So he won't.]

[He smiles after a moment, shaking his head. No use dwelling on self-pity. He stands up and moves over towards Tachibana, but not without picking up a cup of tea from the table along the way. He leans over him, shaking his shoulder gently]

Hey... Wake up. I made breakfast.
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007 [Feb. 7th, 2013|09:44 pm]
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[Shows a quick close-up of Sakura, who's just smiling like a total fool as he bends down near the journal, lifting his hand (like in the icon) to speak in a staged whisper,]

You know, I said it before, but I was drunk then but this time I definitely mean it. Tachibana's definitely the prettiest, isn't he? Although he'd just say I'm biased.

But look, look.

[And he angles the journal up so that it starts recording Tachibana, who is busy actually doing, well, his job. They're at the noodle shop. Sakura bends back down into the screen again, smiling like an idiot in a total "see, see?" kind of look, and when he looks away it's clear he's just totally beaming at Tachibana]

[And of course eventually Tachibana notices. He looks awkward for a second and then just mutters, "Will you go back to work, you idiot?"]

[Sakura laughs. ♥]

I'm just telling everyone about the special discount at the shop today! [He beams down at the camera, clearly smitten.] Lasting now until Valentine's Day because I say so, you can get 20% off any meal you'd like!

[And then he drops his voice again, whispering,]

See? He's the best. [♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥]
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