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006 [Jan. 29th, 2013|03:26 pm]
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[Current Mood | calm]

[... Staaaaaaaaares down at his journal, and then around the Welcome Center, where he's suddenly appeared.]

Huh. Well. [.......................................] Okay. Yeah, I remember now.

[It'd been a while. It was kind of weird -- and wait, wasn't he totally acting weird the last time he was here? ... Ew he ate blood why.]

At least the barrier is gone the second time around. [...] Not that writing to everybody wouldn't be a bad thing. But it's kind of nice to just talk as you go, right? [Smile smile]

[Of course, as he opens the door he stops abruptly, realization dawning] Oooh, it's still winter here, then. Okay.

Okay, that's fine. [He sighs out, smiling down at the journal]

... Hey, Chika-chan or Tachibana. [Or Hana, although he knows she left, before] Maybe you could bring me my jacket? It is definitely way colder here than it was in Kyoto... You think they'd give me a chance to be prepared before taking me here again, but there you go.
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001 [Jul. 3rd, 2012|12:57 pm]
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[Current Mood | exhausted]

Well, I have to say, this barrier is certainly something someone should be proud of. The question is, is it meant to keep me out or keep me in? Either way, I’d like to get out of here. It’d be troublesome to be stuck in here, really.

[He stops writing in the journal, and the audio of footsteps fills the empty space, as Sakura walks around – examining the barrier on the building and looking for any weak spots. The women are following him, twittering and speaking over one another to tell him he needs to keep writing and speak with everyone.]

Yes, yes, I heard you. [He sounds distracted for a moment. Damn it, you weirdo ladies, let him examine this shit. They don’t listen – they keep talking, sounding almost distressed. He sighs. When he speaks again, he sounds cheerful enough.] If you want my attention, I’ll of course be more than happy to give it. But don’t speak all at once like this. You’ll give a poor guy a headache.

I really need to find those three, anyway. It’d be troublesome to have them worry more, too.

[After a while, he gives up on trying to find a weakness. Clearly whomever made this barrier knew wtf they were doing.]

Alright, I give up. I give in. I don’t want to be scolded more, so I’ll keep writing. I’m not sure how much it is I’m supposed to write, really, but eventually I should satisfy these women, right? Okay. One sentence. Two sentences. Three sentences. Four sentences. So on and so forth.

Presumably whomever made this barrier should be in here with me, but they’re doing a good job of blending in with the rest of them. [But he’s never heard of someone creating a barrier within another barrier. Did something weird happen after that fight…?]

Anyway, have I written enough?

[That seems to be enough for now. He sets the journal down, and it’s in that time that there’s a brief video, which shows Sakura looking rather beat up and a little out-of-it, counter to how his writing and voice presents – he sounded pleasant enough, but this is the video of someone kind of exhausted, and, above all, looking incredibly troubled by these turns of events.]
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